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Jun 30 2007

Induction Part 4: Inspiration

I’ve said it before (though I don’t think on here) and I will say it again: I love Teach for America. I have learned more at Induction in the past four days than I ever thought possible. Before I came here, my attitude was something like, “Yeah, I’m going to be a teacher. I close…

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Jun 27 2007

Induction Parts 2 and 3

I cannot believe how exhausted I am. The past two days of Induction have felt like two weeks. I really can’t even believe that all the stuff that’s happened has happened in just 48 hours. I mean, it shouldn’t be physically possible. I’ll try for a quick, short recap. Yesterday I took the CBEST. It…

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Jun 27 2007

Induction Part 1

The internet here sucks, and when I tried to upload this post on Monday it wouldn’t work. I’m trying again. It is 6:11 am on Monday, and I just spent the night on one of the most uncomfortable beds I think I’ve ever slept on. I’m here at Cal State- East Bay, and aside from…

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