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Apr 24 2010

Starting up my Project

In the interest of jumping right into my own Happiness Project, I joined The Happiness Project Toolbox, where I can organize my thoughts about my project and see what other folks are doing for theirs.

I suppose it’s a bit of double work to be using those tools and blogging about my project, but oh well. I think I can use those tools and then come over here and synthesize and reflect on what I’ve done. So, it begins.

One of the first things in the Happiness Project is coming up with a list of personal commandments. I made my list, but I think it was difficult for me to separate commandments from resolutions. I understand that commandments are supposed to be universal while resolutions are things I’d like to do differently. But at this point, all I’m really thinking about are resolutions. So, I’m sure my personal commandments will change, or at least expand during the course of my project, but that’s ok.

My Personal Commandments:

1. Don’t let other people get you down.

2. Don’t get stuck in ruts; reinvent your outlook.

3. Stay positive.

4. Do what is right, even if it’s hard.

5. Love myself.

I really think number 5 will be the most difficult for me. I certainly am my own worst critic, which definitely contributes to my unhappiness. I’m going to have to give myself permission to make mistakes.

The next step, which goes right along with the Personal Commandments, is writing Secrets of Adulthood. These are the lessons that we’ve learned along the way in our life. I had a lot of fun thinking of these and I’m sure along the way I’ll think of more. I think these contribute to the Happiness Project because they put life in perspective and remind us that while we’re on a big path to enlightenment, we still have to brush our teeth every day.

My Secrets of Adulthood (first list, in no particular order)

Always bring Kleenex.

Don’t read the email unless you can respond to it right away.

Just because it fits doesn’t mean you should still wear it.

Go outside at least once every day.

If they make you feel worse about yourself or your situation, they’re not your friend.

The alarm clock is not your friend.

Always clean it up now. Waiting until later always makes it worse.

Bring a snack.

If it feels right, it probably is. If it feels wrong, it probably is.

So, there you have it. The beginning of my very own Happiness Project. Next time: my resolutions!

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