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Nov 14 2009


Well, I completely fell off the blogosphere radar for the month, but, despite that casualty, I managed to survive the absolutely horrid month of October. Mostly only through sheer force of will on my part, and then only just barely.

When I think about what happened to me during the past 31 days, my mind becomes a blur. Long days merge into long weeks to make one ridiculously long month. Pretty much all I did was work.

So, I focus instead on the things that helped me survive. The few non-teaching related gems that have just barely helped my sanity to hang by a thread to the glorious month of November, with its 2 (count them!) separate breaks from school.

Things That Helped Ms. Bennett Survive October Purgatory
1. Scott and I adopted a dog. He’s a dachshund named Ringo and pretty much the cutest thing ever. We rescued him through the All American Dachshund Rescue in Sacramento. We love him. We had a great experience adopting through them and I would totally recommend it to anyone who’s considering rescuing a dog.

2. Wedding Planning with Scott. While a bit overwhelming at times, thinking about a time beyond October was extremely therapeutic. Plus, I get to look at pretty pictures all afternoon.

3. Reading An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon, who is pretty much my favorite author. The book was awesome. I just finished it this afternoon, yearning for more. You really must check out her work, but if you do, you must start at the beginning with Outlander. If you enjoy Scottish history, historical fiction, or just plain great writing, these books are definitely up your alley.

4. Setting the clocks back an hour and sleeping in for one extra glorious hour. Enough said.

So really, when you look at that woefully short and somewhat sad list of things that encompass my “balanced” life, you can imagine how work is literally all I did for the entire month. Occasionally during the day my mind would try to tuck something away to blog about later, but then when I would sit to write, I’d be completely fried. Nothing coherent would come out. Better, I thought, to stay silent than to start writing crap.

Not that this counts as beautiful writing. I’m just saying that at least now I’m back in my happy place (which is a place that I call Not October) and I can fit myself back into my online presence quite nicely.

I’ve missed you, blog. Care to have another go?

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  1. I completely understand. Our classes, our students, the subjects…they can suck the life beyond the school walls right out of us.

  2. BTW, if I haven’t said thanks for adding me to your blog roll, thanks. I feel very honored.

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