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Sep 10 2009

The Phone Rings

These days, whenever the phone rings past 8 p.m. I pretty much assume it’s one of my students or their parents. This is because a) they’re pretty much the only people who have my home phone number and b) who else would call me on a weeknight?

If you’ve ever talked with young kids on the phone, you know it can be pretty awkward. I love it.

The phone rings. I answer it.
Child’s voice: Hello, who is this?
Me: This is Ms. Bennett.
Child’s voice: Oh. (Very disappointed.) Is Ms. C there with you?
Me: No, Ms. C doesn’t live here.
Child’s voice: Oh. (Again, disappointed.) Ok, bye! (Click.)

I don’t even know who it was. Scott said the kid must have thought that Ms. C. and I were living at the teacher house. You know, the one where all the teachers go when we’re not at school. Why would teachers ever want to talk to anyone else?

I had a good long laugh about that conversation. They crack me up even when I’m not with them.

3 Responses

  1. Too good. Always enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Sounds like you must work for KIPP?

  3. chrisb

    Not KIPP, but another charter school in the Bay Area.

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