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Jun 20 2009

Atlas Prep

Hmm. If I could at all fathom teaching middle school, I would apply to Atlas Prep in a heartbeat.

Seriously, the only thing that would hold me back (aside from the fact that I’ve got a contract at another great school in California and I’m really excited about it) would be teaching middle school kids. Pre-teen hormones drive me crazy. We had sixth-graders on our elementary school campus this year and I couldn’t stand their attitude. Give me little, cute kids any day.

But really. If you’re into middle school and you want to go live in the best state in the union, go for Atlas Prep. It looks awesome.

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  1. admin

    Miss Bennett — keep blogging. People are reading. You’ve had 3,000+ visits since January. :)

  2. chrisb

    Wow! That is totally awesome and humbling at the same time!

  3. CO '09

    Heck yeah! We’ve got 3 ’09 CMs teaching there this year! I think half the staff is TFA in some form! Colorado is undoubtedly the best state in the union.

  4. chrisb

    That’s awesome! I didn’t know they were placing CMs down in the Springs… but still, what an awesome opportunity!

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