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Jun 17 2009

It’s Over!

Well, I did it. I survived two years as a Teach for America corps member. I still have not quite gotten used to the fact that I am now a TFA alumna.

I probably don’t have closure yet because I’m not finished moving out of my classroom. Yesterday we drove Jess’s stuff up to Oakland, today we are moving Rebecca’s stuff to downtown San Jose, and tomorrow it will be my turn to move stuff to downtown San Jose. (At least the drives to downtown are significantly less painful than the drive to the East Bay.)

Did I mention that I hate moving?

I mean, seriously. We’ve all seen Star Trek. Shouldn’t we have this “beam me up” technology by now? It feels like the moving process is never over. Each individual piece of it is absolutely exhausting, and yet you have to simply power through it or risk not getting it done. First, the agonizing days of organizing and packing. I spent so much time getting my classroom organized this year and I don’t want to have to do that again in my new room. So, I spent way longer than I needed to packing and trying to organize things into boxes by their subject area. Halfway through this venture, I second-guessed myself and wondered if I should have organized them by where I kept them in my room, namely, in cabinets or on shelves. As I contemplated this, my iPod died. This shook me out of my reverie and made me say “forget this” to the whole thing. At that point, I just put things in boxes. Half of it is organized, half of it isn’t. Oh, well.

After that agony, then there’s the agony of fitting boxes into cars. No, I am not renting a U-Haul to move my classroom across the city. I can’t justify that kind of expenditure when a) I’ve only been teaching for two years and I don’t have that much stuff and b) I have two wonderful friends who are willing to donate their cars to the cause. But still, in case you didn’t know, boxes don’t pack well into cars. And I’m not one of those visuo-spatial type people who can just see where things will fit. I have to shove things until it works.

Then, just when you think you can’t stand it any longer, you then have to drive your car, which is so stuffed to the gills you practically can’t see out of it, across the city (or the region, in Jess’s case) and do the whole thing over again in reverse. I’m honestly glad I can’t unpack anything until August. Just thinking about all of this exhausts me. At least after tomorrow it will be completely over and then I will definitely feel like I am finished with TFA. Then, I can sit down and synthesize all I’ve learned in my brain. For now, I’m heading to school yet again to finish this project.

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