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Apr 20 2009

Spring/Winter/Summer Break

Well, it was a pretty crazy week in Ms. Bennett’s life. Scott and I flew to Colorado for spring break, where it blizzarded and snowed a foot in Denver. Then, we came back to San Jose to 94 degrees and a broken air conditioner.

Oh, and no air conditioning in the classroom, either. But what else is new? (A side note: isn’t it cruel and unusual punishment to subject teachers and students to each other when it’s that hot? Seriously. At least put in a window AC unit or a swamp cooler or something to combat 22 sweaty bodies in a classroom.)

The best part about my spring break? Choosing a wedding venue and date! On July 9, 2010, Scott and I will get married at Stonebrook Manor in Thornton, CO. It’s got beautiful lush gardens for the ceremony and an elegant ballroom for the reception. Excited? You could say that- there are 445 days left until the wedding!

Oh, yeah, and teaching is great, too. But a whole week that was just about me was pretty amazing. Sometimes, it’s nice to be called by your first name.

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  1. Awww, congrats! Boy, you guys are planners. We set our date only 2.5 months ahead of time. I’m not sure I could deal with having a wedding on the horizon for much longer than that. I hate putting so much time and thought and energy into ONE day of my life, you know? I think three months of planning for a six hour even should be sufficient. Whew. Anyway, congrats again, looking forward to hearing more. :-)

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