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Feb 26 2009

“Yeah, but…”

Today, Ms. Snyder was out and had a sub. I have recess duty this week, and this morning I saw some of her kids playing around near the bathrooms, clearly breaking the rules.

Me: Ms. Snyder’s students! Come over here!
(Students run to me with that guilty look)
Me: I know you all know the rules, because Ms. Snyder is just as strict as I am. (Points at bathrooms.) Is that the playground?
Kids: No…
Me: Where are you supposed to be?
Kids: Over there…
Me: Exactly. And I know Ms. Snyder holds you guys to doing that.
K, one of the kids: Yeah, but Ms. Snyder isn’t here today!
Me (in my head): Are you serious?!
Me (out loud): Oh, really? Well, I am here, and your sub is here, and you are expected to follow the rules for him just like you are for Ms. Snyder! And if I hear that you aren’t, believe me, I will give you a much more serious consequence than Ms. Snyder would have!

Kids. It’s like they think adults don’t talk to each other or something.

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