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Dec 21 2008

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree

On the day before Christmas break, my students gave to me…
12 birthday stickers
11 colored pages
10 happy smiles
9 chocolate pieces
8 tiny candles
7 Christmas songs
6 funny snapshots
5 great big hugs
4 silly jokes
3 head aches
2 candle holders
and one giant Toblerone!

I love being a teacher on Christmas. Even though the kids are nuts that day, it’s really fun to see their spontaneous joy. They really get to just be kids that day.

For example, I told my students that Saturday was my birthday. This made them very excited. They started coloring like mad. I now have a huge stack of really nicely colored pictures as birthday presents on my desk. Later in the day, I gave them their presents, which included some holiday foam stickers from the Dollar Store. One of my students gave me one as a birthday present. Pretty soon, all of them joined in on this trend and my shirt was just covered with foam stickers. I looked pretty ridiculous, but I thought it was funny. One of my students looked at me thoughtfully and said, “Ms. Bennett, you’re our Christmas tree!”

During our class party, S, a very outgoing and kind boy asked me if he could sing.
Me: Well, S, I’m not going to put on the music from our holiday program, we already did that last night!
S: No, I mean, just with my mouth! Just sing with my mouth!
Me: Um, ok…
S (waving arms grandly): Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Happy happy happy day!

Believe me, I’m grateful to have 2 weeks off. But I am looking forward to being with my students again in 2009.

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