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Oct 20 2008

Curse You, October

October, How I Hate You.
A poem by Ms. Bennett

I hate the way I’m working
14-hour days
I hate the way I’m planning
And living in a haze.

I hate the way you tempt
Children with Halloween
I hate the way they crave the candy
I hate the way they scream.

I hate how I must
Give them all these tests
You took away my time to teach them,
How can they do their best?

I hate how there is just
No time for me to stop
Policing all these children;
Am I the Kindergarten Cop?

I hate the way you tease me
With fall activities
Here I am asking you,
Give me a break, please!

I’ve hated you this way
As long as I can remember.
I hate you so, October,

4 Responses

  1. I think October is the worst month to be a teacher.

  2. chrisb

    Yep, pretty much.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! This is excellent. October is evil; it’s been so long since you’ve had a break and it’s so long until there will be a break. The only other month that is as bad is March.

    My first year with TFA we held a “dark days of October” party at the end of the month to celebrate making it through!

  4. Sara

    Love, love, love the October poem. You summed up everything I’m feeling right now.

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