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Jun 07 2008

End of Year Celebration

Last night, all current corps members traveled up to San Francisco for a wonderful end of year celebration.  We sailed around San Fransisco Bay on a Hornblower Yacht while the ’06 corps members were welcomed into the alumni movement.  It was quite inspiring, even for Scott.  It was nice to take a moment to reflect on everything that’s happened to us this past year, and made me really excited to take a break, and then redouble my efforts for next year.

My favorite part was when the executive director of the Bay Area spoke.  He talked about TFA’s incredible expansion efforts nation wide and the huge impact we are having not only in the Bay Area, but all around the country.  He closed his speech thusly:

“We have an incredible opportunity here.  We can change educational inequity in this country.  We can… so we have to.”

I love it.

As I reflect on my own impact on my own students, I can’t help but feel proud.  My students and I have been working extra hard the past couple of weeks, retaking quizzes and reteaching material.  As a result, their math average went from a 77% to an 83%!  They FINALLY met their big goal!  All but 4 students are at 80% or higher in math.  Those other 4 are between 70-80.  I feel like that’s a pretty big accomplishment in and of itself.  I didn’t tell my students about the average growth for a couple of days while we were finishing the last of the retakes.  When I finally told them, they were so excited!  We all knew we had accomplished something great.

The best moment for math growth was when V, who has been struggling with subtraction all year, finally mastered that subtraction with borrowing quiz.  It was the difference between meeting the goal and not meeting the goal for her.  When I told her she mastered it, she was literally jumping up and down and crying with excitement.  I got a little misty-eyed myself.

I have not yet finished giving the DRA, so I don’t know my final reading growth yet.  I’ve got 5 kids left, the kids who had made the most growth in February.  As of right now, the class average growth is 1.3 years in reading.  We’ll see if those 5 kids can take it to our goal of 1.5.

On Monday we are going on a field trip to San Jose State University.  Then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are cleaning and saying goodbye days.  I am sure it will be sentimental for all of us.

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  1. Yay! Go Chris! And go Chris’ students!

  2. dubmeta

    Perfect! This excites me!

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