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Mar 08 2008

Utter Exhaustion

This week was one of the most difficult weeks I’ve had in a while. On Monday I got to school at 6:45 and worked right up until the bell rang and somehow I still was not fully prepared for my day. I don’t really know what happened. Maybe it was that last weekend we had the TFA Spring Conference and that shot my entire Saturday. Maybe it was that on Sunday I spent more time planning for workshop than I did for the actual week, thinking that I had already solidified my plans for the week. Maybe I’m just working too hard overall and have finally hit the wall.

In reflecting upon my week, I can’t figure out what made it so terrible. We did have a very crazy schedule this week. There was something odd about every single one of our days, which made the kids nuts. (A major lesson I have learned- don’t mess with kids’ routines unless you are willing to face their wrath. Seriously.) Over the weekend, I bought a bunch of stuff for my classroom that I had planned on putting away on Monday afternoon. However, I discovered that M, the one from the SST, decided to ditch intervention again. I spent the entire afternoon in the principal’s office attempting to contact the parents and find out why he wasn’t there. Turns out that they thought he was in intervention, and were quite upset when they found out he hadn’t gone. Needless to say, on Wednesday he was in intervention.

This did, however, kill all plans of organization in my classroom. I literally did not have a single moment to myself to organize all that stuff until yesterday after school. So, I spent 3 hours cleaning and organizing random papers. (I admit I had let my room get out of hand- I didn’t know where anything was anymore.) Then, Jess and I wanted to make our homework packets for next week, since that’s just impossible to do on Monday morning. Well, the copy machine had not yet been fixed from earlier in the week, despite the office’s assertions that it had been. It does this really ridiculous thing where it will pull 5 pieces of paper through at a time, making double-sided copying impossible. We don’t have enough paper to make single-sided copies an option. After fiddling with the stupid machine for about 40 minutes, we finally gave up. We will be spending a lot of money at Kinko’s this weekend. You might want to consider buying stock there, because it will be going up because of us.

After such a week, I would love to take a weekend off and just do nothing. But that is not an option for us this weekend. We have to write our second TPA so we can get our credential in May. These things take forever. We also have to spend several hours at Kinko’s (as mentioned above.) There are a multitude of other things that need to get figured out before Monday. Realistically, I’ll be able to take about 4 hours this weekend off.

On the bright side, we have 9 more teaching days until spring break and 32 more teaching days until the CST. We are definitely in the home stretch.

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