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Feb 15 2008

Butterflies and Sharks

The grand extent of “science” in my classroom for the past few weeks has been growing butterflies. They shipped a bunch of caterpillars in a cup to us, and since then we’ve been “observing” butterflies every few days. Mostly, this consists of cries of, “Look, Ms. Bennett! It’s EATING the FOOD!” Or, “Oh, man, it’s hecka ugly!”

Today is the day we release the butterflies. I am sure this will be a fine activity, but I have to say I am glad for the ordeal to be over. Watching those things flit around is kind of gross.

Last week, we got free tickets from a TFA sponsor to the San Jose Sharks. This means that we were able to take one of our students with us to the HP Pavilion in downtown San Jose to experience the craziness that is a hockey game. It was much less chaotic than the ice skating trip from December. (Mostly because downtown San Jose is about 15 minutes away from our school.) We got to see the giant shark flying around the stadium and our students had more fun than I think they’ve had in a long time. G still comes up to me in the mornings and says, “Ms. Bennett, it was really fun when we went to the hockey place.” Yes. Yes it was.

Yesterday I was having lunch in Jess’s room and her student B came in during his recess. Somehow we got on the topic of whether Colorado or New York (where Jess went to college) is cooler. This must have been a very interesting conversation for B because after math intervention (which is held in my room) he was talking to me about it again. When Jess came in, B said, “Ms. Snyder! You are going to argue with Ms. Bennett about whether Colorado is cuter than New York?”

I don’t know how “cute” Colorado is, but it sure is my very favorite place on Earth. Scott and I are flying home tonight for a friend’s wedding. I have all of next week off (which, evidently, is perfectly normal in California. When I was growing up, I never got the week of President’s Day off.) I am looking forward to revamping my investment program and planning ahead. Also, sleeping.

41 instructional days left until the CST. Oh, my lord.

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