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Feb 03 2008

Guest Blogger: Ms. Snyder

I figured that since I spend so much time with Jess, and we do all of our planning together, and we are pretty much the same corps member but with two classrooms, I should give her some space to post on my blog. A little background: her class is the worst class behavior-wise in second grade. Most of her students have some serious emotional issues to deal with, and they take it out by acting like crazy people in school. Jess’s worst day in her classroom was right before Thanksgiving break. One of her students actually gave her a black eye- not with his fist, but with his head. That’s right- he head-butted her eye. That same day another student intentionally peed his pants just so he could get out of class for the day. Needless to say, any issue that I’ve felt in my classroom Jess has felt even more so. We both have made huge improvements, and this story from the day we had the 100 Book Challenge training is just too much of a gem to pass up. On that day, I compared her students to the plant in Little Shop of Horrors. They ate anyone who got too close to them- and on that day, it was Jess’s sub- the infamous Mr. Chen. Jess writes:

The only real bad day that I have had since January started was when I had a sub named Mr. Chen. Knowing the little you do about my class, it can be inferred that they are certifiably CRAAAA-ZY. Mr. Chen came into my room that dreadful Wednesday morning as I was getting ready to go to my training. This man was small and weak and had no idea what he was about to get himself into. He walked a little hunched over–not because he had to, but because he was THAT AWKWARD. Our conversation went like this:

Me (out loud): My class can be a little hard to handle. They have a lot of energy, so please be strict with them.
Me (in my head): Man, they are f-ing going to kill you!
Me (out loud): Mr. Chen, have you taught using Open Court?
Mr. Chen: No.
Me: Mr. Chen, have you taught 2nd before?
Mr. Chen: No. I have never taught elementary, Ms. Snyder.
Me: Mr. Chen, do you know what the hell you are doing?
Mr. Chen: No. Clearly not.

Needless to say, they did kill him. The poor man will probably never teach again. The students broke EVERY school and class rule. They didn’t do any work. They stole their confiscated goods out of my box/desk. They messed up all of our materials and books. They left the room a mess. They lied to our VP about our class rules regarding Pokemon cards (no, I DID NOT say they were allowed) (PS I HATE POKEMON CARDS–I think I might bring in a lighter and burn them next time I see one). You might be thinking, poor Mr. Chen, and I did too–at first. But when I realized I had to clean up this mess (not the physical mess, I made the students do that–but the behavior mess), I thought “poor me!” Oh man, these students are crazy.

And yes, Ms. Bennett hates Pokemon cards as well. We will burn them the next time we see them.

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