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Jan 23 2008

79 Is the Lonliest Number

Nothing frustrates me more than when I’m entering in the data for our goal quizzes and the class average goes down to 79% at the last possible moment. We shoot for 80% mastery to meet our Big Goal, and tonight I graded a quiz on measurement. All but 5 of the kids got 80 or above. The spreadsheet keeps a running tally of the class average as you’re entering the grades, so I was up at 85% until I got to the last couple of kids. Then, it dipped to 79%. If one kid had even gotten one more question right, the average would have been at 80. Ugh.

For me, the most difficult part of teaching is figuring out what to do when all but a handful of the students have completely mastered the material, and that handful has absolutely no idea what is going on. I can’t reteach whole class because 16 of the kids will be bored out of their minds. It is very difficult to reteach those kids as a group or individuals because we’re already stretched for time as it is. I suppose I should start pulling them during recess, but I can’t imagine those kids going an entire day without a break. Suggestions?

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  1. Jerry

    Eat spinach.

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