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Aug 27 2007

And We’re Off!

Tomorrow is the first day of school. At 8:30 am I will be standing at the front of a classroom full of 7 year olds. And they’re going to look at me as if I know what I’m doing. Ha.

After a very long week of Open Court training followed by four very intense classroom set up days, my classroom is (relatively) ready to go. I was actually switched rooms, which ended up being a good thing because I was switched out of an old first grade class and into an old second grade class. So at least all the stuff in there I might be able to use at some point. Some ladies from the district office came and helped me clear everything out, which was awesome because otherwise it wouldn’t have been done. But my true savior was Scott, who came and provided manual labor when I was too busy trying to figure everything out in my head. I would not have been able to finish without him.

I feel woefully unprepared for tomorrow. I can’t say exactly what more I should have done. I have to jump right in to Open Court tomorrow, and I think the reason I feel unprepared is because I didn’t write those lessons myself. I know that I need to get over that, but I was trained at Institute to obsess over every little lesson plan detail to ensure student learning. I haven’t done that for tomorrow so it is causing anxiety. But I have put a lot of thought into my management and investment plans, and I’m hoping that as long as I can manage the children for 8 hours tomorrow I’ll be ok.

I was gong to post pictures of my finished classroom, but they kind of take a while to upload and it’s way past my bedtime. Check tomorrow for updates on the amazingness.

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  1. RayAnne

    Good luck Miss Chris!!!

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