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Aug 03 2007

Celebrating Success and Closing Ceremonies

Well, I did it.

Almost, anyway. It is 6:12 am here on Friday, August 3, 2007. The last day of Institute. There are many things that I want to say about my experience overall, but I think that is for a later post.

Today, we’re talking data.

Last time I analyzed my students’ data, they had had negative growth at the formative assessment. I was very discouraged. Now, I have the data from the summative (fancy word for final exam).

I could not be more proud of my students.

I should start by explaining a growth goal that TFA gave us: based on the diagnostic score, each student was given an individual growth goal that they were trying to meet. It was based on how many points they should improve on the test over the summer. So, when I say that my students grew X%, it means that’s the percent of their growth goal that they achieved.

(Deep Breath) OK. Overall, in math, my students grew 64%. In reading, they grew 72%. Those numbers should be 100%, but, I consider them to be successes anyway. H, our ELL student, grew 140% in reading and math. A, one of my students from math/lit hour, grew 130% in reading. They both did such an amazing job this summer. Every single one of our students showed some growth on those tests. Those that met their growth goals all far exceeded them.

Last night, we had Institute Closing Ceremonies. This is basically just a bunch of teachers being really rowdy and saying their school chants over and over again. I might be a little biased, but ours was the best.

We begin by stomping and clapping our beat:
stomp-clap stomp-clap stomp-stomp-clap-stomp-clap
Which repeats as we say:
You’ve been waiting for this…. (3x)
And then we begin our full chant:
You’ve been waiting for this
For way too long
For G-R-A-P-E to come along
With the gold and the blue,
We’re the UL-TI-MATE crew
G-R-A-P-E (6x)

It was, as Jonathan would say, the bomb DOT com.

They had a picture slideshow, and a picture of me with a dumb look on my face was on it. Everybody from Grape Street cheered anyway. We cheered for everyone. Now, my voice is gone. But that’s ok, because I made it!

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