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Jul 30 2007

New York Times Sunday Magazine

Today begins the best week yet of Institute: WEEK 5! This is the last Monday morning that I have to wake up here. Each day this week is a milestone for that reason- it’s the last one of its kind. I know I can survive this, however painful it might be.

Today was actually a relatively good day in terms of teaching. During math/lit hour, I read a book about Chinese New Year with my group. They really enjoyed the book and talking about how different Chinese culture is from ours. The best part was when they discovered that they were all born in the year of the Rabbit (1999). They walked around the rest of the day talking about that. (Side note: the fact that my students were born in the year that I was a freshman in high school makes me feel excessively old.)

I am lead teaching math this week, but I’m only teaching two days of it because we are giving the summative assessment on Tuesday and Wednesday, then teaching on Thursday, and celebrating on Friday. So I have 2 chances to get my kids to understand as much material in 33 minutes as possible. Today I was teaching division with arrays, which is using pictures to figure out how to group things as a scaffolding tool for division. I worked really hard on these overhead transparencies with problems that I’d have kids come up and solve. Unfortunately, the overhead projector died on me right at the beginning of my lesson. Well, guess I’ll have to write them on the board. Except that it takes forever and the longer your back is turned, the worse things go. So, I cut four of the problems from the lesson. Fortunately, all of my students understood the material regardless, but I was annoyed at the fact that I spent so much time preparing materials I couldn’t use.

The high point of my week, though, was the New York Times Sunday Magazine photo shoot that happened yesterday. They are putting TFA on the cover, and needed volunteers for the picture. Duh, of course I went. And I got selected because I was wearing a white shirt. Seriously. But, I don’t care. The concept was a little sketchy. They were trying to portray that there are a bunch of really different people who all do the same thing, so we were all wearing white shirts and sitting in very straight rows of desks and sitting very straight. Whatever, I and 37 of my colleagues will be on the cover of the New York Times Sunday Magazine! Look for the article to be published in 2-3 weeks.

Tonight the weirdest thing happened- I actually have FREE TIME! We aren’t teaching lessons tomorrow, and while I can work on my lesson for Thursday, there is absolutely nothing that must get done before tomorrow morning. Honestly, I don’t know what to do with myself. I think I’ll sleep.

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