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Jul 09 2007

The First Day of School Was…

…Amazing. Exhilarating. Terrifying. Inspiring. Incredible. Saddening. Uplifting. Unbelievable.

In short, I loved it.

My kids are awesome. Not everyone showed up on the first day, and there were some last minute add-ons that we hadn’t planned for. But they were, for the most part, pretty engaged, for kids in summer school. They hate taking tests, especially on the first day. I wish I could change that, because they had about 3 hours of testing today. That’s a lot for anyone on the first day. We’re going to have to work on our seating chart because some of the kids are very rowdy. My collab member had a bit of difficulty with classroom management, but that is probably because we weren’t able to go over the rules this morning. There was a lot of confusion as to who was supposed to go where, so it took the kids forever to get into the classroom. By the time they were in, we had to go straight into the diagnostic because otherwise they would have run out of time. Establishing those rules first would have been awesome, but it wasn’t that bad.

Because our schedule got all messed up, I didn’t really do much lead teaching. I taught the kids how to take the test, how to line up, and how to come to the carpet. Not much really. I got to spend recess with them, which was awesome. During summer school, the whole school has recess at the same time. I stood on the black top watching all those kids just trying to do kid stuff. Then, I looked at the surrounding neighborhood and a pang tugged at my heart. Those kids deserve better. All of the people here deserve better.

Little D told me an awesome story about how on “fireworks day” she was at her uncle’s house and they accidentally lit the lawn on fire. Her friend M wanted us to play games with them because they didn’t want to play tetherball. We’re trying to come up with something fun for the girls to do at recess. Anyone remember any of those handgames that we used to play?

The way our schedule is set up, 2 corps members (CMs) teach while the other two are in sessions. Then, we switch. So, when the other 2 CMs came into the classroom to take over, we said goodbye to our kids. They all waved enthusiastically and told us they couldn’t wait to see us again.

Yes, I love teaching.

3 Responses

  1. Sarah

    It’s amazing… you’ll hear over and over again (and see over and over again) how important the adults are in a kid’s life.

    Like I said… rock stars. You’re a great role model!

    Keep it up!

  2. Linda Bennett

    Congratulations on your first day of teaching. Glad all went well. The girls at recess might enjoy jump rope, hop scotch or four square. There are also many hand clapping games but I don’t remember how to play them. I’m sure there is a book with hand clapping games.

    Hope all goes well for the next class.

  3. Jerry

    Keep up the good work. It’s worth the effort. I’m not going to give up teaching your mother how to comment. Love.

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